Air Conditioning Servicing

There are many reasons to have your air conditioning system serviced annually. Keeping your air conditioning system well maintained is an important factor if you wish to maximise the life of your system, and reduce the running costs. A clean, serviced system can also help to improve the filtering of micro-organisms in the air – which could otherwise affect your family’s health.

Maximising the efficiency of the systems performance

If your air-conditioning unit isn’t serviced regularly, dust, lint and foreign particles build up and prevent air flowing through the system, which affects its capacity to heat and cool efficiently. When a unit is clogged with foreign particles, the compressor motor has to work a lot harder, leading to increased running costs and long-term damage to the unit. A thorough, detailed clean inside the machine improves the efficiency of all moving parts: the motors, compressors, evaporator fan and condenser fan.

Control the growth of fungi, bacteria and mould

Bacteria, fungi and mould love air-conditioners. The moisture and humidity both within the atmosphere, and generated by the air conditioning unit, encourages these nasties to thrive. Inhaling them is not good for our health and people with respiratory issues can be hardest hit. When we service the unit, we apply an anti-bacterial and anti-mould product to the fan, blades and evaporator coil. This will eliminate any of these by-products and leave the air smelling fresh and clean.

Eliminate odours

That musky, dank smell you sometimes notice in an air-conditioned room is often the tangible result of the bacteria, fungi and mould we spoke about in the above point. A service gets rid of these nasties, meaning the smell goes too.

Prolong the lifespan of the system

Your air-conditioner is like any electrical or mechanical product: without regular servicing, its parts and components are put under unnecessary stress. Regular servicing of your air conditioner may add another 5-10 years to the life of your unit. A serviced air-conditioner will not only cost you less to operate, but it will reward you with many more years of operation.

What’s Included in the Service?

All air conditioning systems serviced by Scholz Electrical include the following:

Deodorising & Cleaning of
Evaporator Coils

Cleaning the Condenser Coils
(if accessible)

Cleaning the Filters,
Indoor Covers & Louvers

Cleaning the
Air Conditioning Drains

Checking the
Electrical Components

Tightening of
Electrical Terminals


Please Note:
If the air conditioner is excessively dirty and there is a need to remove the barrel fan by disassembling the unit, an additional fee will apply.
Our service costs do not include repairs or faults or the supply of parts (including refrigerant)