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Power Points: a basic guide

electrician-1080563_640Installing a power point might seem like a simple job for an electrician to carry out, but there are a lot of behind-the-scences calculations we must consider before installation. Every building contains a number of separate power point “circuits” – individual tracks of power running behind the walls. As qualified electricians we must assess what electrical products are currently using a circuit before adding another powerpoint. As a rule of thumb we only try to put eight double power points per circuit to prevent overloading the circuit. This reduces the risk of overheating the electrical system (overheating or overloading a circuit has been linked to electrical fires).

It is always best to keep a home’s kitchen and laundry power points on separate circuits, as heating products in these rooms (ovens, dryers etc) tend to draw a lot of power.

Safety First

All power points should be protected by earth leakage devices (commonly known as safety switches) which are fitted in your building’s switchboard. 

Surge protection devices – an additional device fitted to your switchboard – can also preserve the power points and the equipment plugged into them. These devices limit the amount of voltage (240 – 250 volts) transferred through the power point.

Many styles to choose from

Quadpower points

Quad power points (power points with four plug-in points) are a good solution for behind your television to cater for all of the devices that tend to accompany our entertainment systems. We can retro fit these quad points to an existing single or double outlet.


Manufacturers are now offering different looks and styles in power points to match the style of your home. Scholz Electrical will happily source you the power points of your choice.

Outdoorpower points

Power points for pool filters and external areas come with an IP rating, which rates their water and dust resistance. Most outdoor point have an IP56 rating which will be perfectly safe out in the elements.

USBpower points

A new product on the market which is proving popular in renovations and new homes is power points fitted with a USB charging point. The benefit of these points is that your phone or tablet charger lead can plug straight into the wall without occupying an actual power point. 



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