Your home wiring system is like the nervous system of your home and it contains lots of wires and connections which make your electrical appliances work. Even a small problem in the wiring network can be dangerous and troubleshooting the problem can be difficult as the wiring network is hidden behind the walls, ceiling and your floor. There however some signs to watch for that may suggest you need to call a Brisbane electricians.

Frequent tripping of breakers: This can be the result of defective devices or a problem in the wiring network. First, unplug all your electrical devices to see if the breaker still trips.

If nothing happens, then one of your devices is malfunctioning so test them separately to detect the faulty one. If the tripping still occurs when your appliances are unplugged, you need the help of professional electrical services to fix the problem.

Flickering and dimming lights: Indicates an electrical problem. This could be a defective fixture or a loose connection in the wiring. Whatever the reason is, it should be handled by professional electricians.

Insufficient network: The wiring in many homes is ages like anything else. However, your energy usage increases with new devices that require more power. Eventually you need more power than the wiring can handle. This is a dangerous situation as it can spark an electrical fire. It is best to have this addressed by professional electricians.

Hot electrical panels: Heated panels, outlets and light switches indicate that your electrical system needs checking.

Fuse size: It is important your panel’s breaker fuses are the right size and type as the wrong fuse overloads the circuit. This leads to the melting of wires and can cause a fire. Your Brisbane electricians will be able to decide if some of your breaker fuses need changing to prevent such fires.