Many lives are lost every year due to fires in the home. Alternatively many lives are saved where home owners have taken the initiative to have smoke alarms installed. There is quite strict regulations around the necessity to have smoke alarms installed in dwellings. It is compulsory to have smoke alarms fitted to all rental properties and new homes.

There are many forms of detectors such as battery only, 240 volt hard wired units, lithium battery backup, ionized and non ionized alarms and infra red detection smoke alarms. If it’s a matter of affordability but you still wish to protect your home and family our recommendation is to fit a functional lithium battery device which can be fitted by the home owner.

On all smoke detection units there is a TEST button. When newly installed and on a regular basis (monthly) the test button should be pressed to indicate whether the device is functioning correctly. If the unit’s siren doesn’t activate then the device may be faulty and should be replaced or checked by a licensed electrician or fire safety specialist.

Remember that the batteries within a smoke detection unit have a limited life and should be replaced on regular basis. If at any time you hear a tweeting sound come from the detector this is an indication that the battery has perished and should be replaced immediately.