The solar power Brisbane uses on a daily basis has a positive economic result for many citizens. It also produces hot water using an environmentally friendly process.  Sunlight delivers energy to the panels (solar collectors) each day.  The panels are mounted in a sunny location on a sloped roof. If you have a flat roof, a frame is built to hold the panels. They can also be hung along a wall.  The collectors heat the water and hold it in a hot water cylinder.

How do you save money after the solar water heating system is installed? Sunshine is a free source of heat for everyone. There is no charge for the energy it delivers to heat the water.  The sun’s rays are less intense during bad weather and shorter winter days. Energy is still available to make the water warm, although a boiler or immersion heater is frequently used to increase the temperature.

Maintenance for the solar panel installation Brisbane residents select for their home is a concern for each consumer. Scholz Electrical, a Masters Electrician certified company serving the Brisbane area for more than 30 years, knows that maintenance costs for solar water heating systems are low for several reasons. The warranty period of five to ten years is a primary one. The units are designed and built quite well.

Another reason is that homeowners can easily perform the basic maintenance checks. The installer reviews and leaves easy-to-understand directions about how to make sure the system is working correctly. The most important part of maintenance is checking for leaks. The strong odor of antifreeze warns of a leak even if one is not visible. Another sign of trouble is no hot water on a warm, sunny day. If you notice a problem, call the installer right away so it is corrected promptly.