A Master Electrician is an electrical contractor who is committed to best practice in the electrical industry. Hiring a Master Electrician gives a consumer peace of mind that the contractor will perform their work to a high standard. It also gives the consumer reassurance that their electrician will behave in a professional manner.

8 reasons why hiring a Master Electrician is worthwhile

  1. They are experienced. To become a Master Electrician a contractor must have at least three years’ experience in the electrical industry. Many Master Electricians have decades of experience.
  2. They are safe. Master electricians must have a safety management system and uphold high standards of workmanship and training. A Master Electrician must also pass an annual safety and quality audit. They will ensure your work complies with the Australian Standards and Statutory legislation and that public safety is maintained. They also alert relevant authorities if any electrical conditions exist which are unsafe.
  3. They are experts in energy efficiency. A Master Electrician must be able to offer qualified energy efficiency advice to customers. Energy efficient lighting and electrical choices saves a consumer significantly in the long term. A Master Electrician also remains up-to-date with new technologies and new solutions to electrical problems.
  4. They are ethical. A Master Electrician must adhere to and uphold a code of ethics overseen by the industry’s peak body. This code includes an obligation to remain professional when soliciting work from potential customers.
  5. Their work is guaranteed. Master Electricians offer a 12 month guarantee on electrical workmanship. This is an important factor and ensures you can engage an electrician with confidence, knowing that the standard of workmanship will be high.
  6. Their credentials are verified. The peak body monitors the performance of Master Electricians and verifies their experience and suitability. Master Electricians Australia also provides training and support to contractors.
  7. Their performance is monitored. The peak body also undertakes regular audits of Master Electricians for safety and compliance.
  8. They are easily recognised. A Master Electrician is instantly recognisable by the square Master Electrician logo on their vehicles, paperwork and website. Choosing a contractor with the Master Electrician ‘tick’ gives a consumer confidence that all work will be guaranteed and performed well.

Why choose Scholz Electrical as your Master Electrician of choice?

Scholz Electrical has been in operation in Brisbane since 1970 and an accredited Master Electrician since 2007. We are experienced in all general electrical work, air-conditioning and solar installation as well as factory and commercial work. Fault finding is one of our other specialties. There are very few electrical problems that we haven’t seen and fixed, as our electricians are experienced in a wide variety of appliances, products and scenarios. In addition to our Master Electrician status, we are Clean Energy Council accredited.

So whether you’re looking to renovate your home, fit-out your offices, eliminate your electricity bill with solar or repair your appliances – we will look after you.

Contact us and one of our friendly support staff will be happy to assist with your enquiry.