Hassle Free National Broadband Network (NBN) Installation

Need help with a new NBN installation or having problems with your existing one?
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Our NBN technicians have the training and qualifications to assist in making your NBN installation delay free for both you and your NBN contractor.

Scholz specialises in getting your home or business NBN ready. 

Common NBN Installation Issues:  Delays and Lack of Connection

A very common complaint is that while the government-appointed NBN contractor has technically “connected” NBN to their house or business, they have only run cabling to a single point at the front of the building. Often this is at a different point to where the current modem is located, which means all previous internet or phone connection points are left disconnected to the new system. In some cases, clients have been left without internet for up to six weeks after the NBN has been “connected’’.

Another common complaint is if the contractor is asked to connect the NBN at a point on the building that is difficult to reach or further back from the street (because that will allow the client’s current modem to plug into the NBN and work straight away), the job is abandoned and rescheduled. This leads to frustrating delays.

Our licensed cablers can meet with you on-site to assess your current home phone and modem location. We can then run internal cabling to the point where the NBN contractor will most likely install your NBN box. This will ensure instant connection of your internet and phone service on the day of change-over. 

We can help you be NBN ready for a hassle free installation

Tips on How to Prepare for your NBN connection 

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Properties we service:

  • Owner Occupied Residences
  • Rental Properties
  • Body Corporates
  • Commercial Properties
  • Industrial Properties

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