Factory Switchboard Upgrade

Client location: Archerfield QLD 4108

About the customer & what they require:

This industrial switchboard which was powering a factory at Archerfield was a complete mess and needed an overhaul. The business owner engaged us to assess the board and make any required safety and functionality upgrades.

What we did:

The Scholz Electrical technicians removed the old board and systematically traced and identified all the circuits which enabled us to install a brand new board, with every circuit clearly identified. We also brought the switchboard up-to-code by installing safety switches and circuit breaker protection.

The results of the switchboard upgrade:

Switchboards are the engine room of a factory’s electrical system and this switchboard is now functional and safe. This means that any electrician arriving at the factory to identify a fault can now quickly understand the wiring. Importantly, the new safety switches and circuit breakers we installed will ensure the staff and contractors working in the building have a level of protection should an electrical malfunction occur.