LED lighting upgrade at vehicle spare parts warehouse

Client location: Archerfield QLD 4108

About the customer & what they required:

A vehicle spare parts wholesaler at Archerfield in Brisbane’s south-west engaged us to perform an LED lighting changeover at their large warehouse. The business owners were looking for ways to reduce their energy consumption and asked Scholz Electrical for advice about an energy efficient lighting solution. We proposed swapping their old-style factory lights to energy-efficient LEDs as a simple first step. We sourced the new lights for them and arranged delivery of a scissor lift so we could perform the LED lighting upgrade at a convenient time in their operations schedule.

What we did:

  • Designed a new lighting plan using LEDs for the warehouse that would result in lower running costs yet effective illumination of the large space
  • Removed 6 x 400w mercury vapour highbays
  • Installed 6 x 150 LED panels
  • Secured a 5 year warranty on the LED fittings.

The results of the LED lighting upgrade:

The LED lights we installed use a third of the power consumption of the original lights, so will cost significantly less to run. The lights will also last approximately four times longer so there will be less maintenance and servicing costs. This simple lighting changeover will therefore result in significant savings for this business.