Backyard Lighting Make-Over

Client location: Ashgrove, QLD, 4060

About the customer & what they require:

Our clients at Ashgrove had a lovely back deck overlooking their pool and a nature reserve beyond their backyard. While the area looked great during the day, at night it lacked personality due to a lack of lighting in the yard and only a single fluorescent light on the deck. Our clients had been told by a previous electrician that downlights weren’t going to be possible on the back deck without installing a false ceiling (we disagreed!).
They asked us to design a lighting plan for the space to increase the wow factor at night.

What we did:

  • Visited on-site to understand what the client was wanting to achieve and how they use their outdoor spaces
  • Designed a new lighting plan incorporating downlights and a fan for the back deck
  • Designed a lighting plan for the pool and backyard with a combination of LED strip lighting for the pool, low-voltage garden uplights and fairy lights for a large tree in the yard
  • Removed the existing fluorescent light on the back deck
  • Installed dimmable downlights and a fan on deck (no false ceiling was needed)
  • Extended existing power in the pool pump cupboard to power the new garden lighting
  • Strung fairy lights through tree
  • Installed LED strip lighting behind the waterfall in pool
  • Installed multiple low-voltage garden uprights
  • Connected all garden lighting to a timing device, to ensure all lights come on in sync at dusk and turn off at bed-time
  • Tested all lighting for safety

The results of this commercial electrical job:

  • Serious wow factor at night
  • Automated garden lights that turn on and off at the same time every night
  • A functional back deck area that is cool in summer and well-lit