Money-saving LEDs lighting installation for a tennis court

Client location: Middle Park QLD 4074

About the customer & what they require:

The managers of a townhouse complex at Middle Park approached us for advice about swapping their power-hungry and inefficient tennis court lights for LEDs.

We assessed the current lighting which featured four 1000watt metal halides and designed a new lighting plan featuring money-saving LEDs. Our new lighting plan improved the light output, but would deliver significant savings in running costs going forward.

We also ensured the new fittings could be retrofitted to the existing lighting poles, ensuring no additional out-of-pocket installation costs for our clients.

What we did:

  • Designed an effective lighting plan for the tennis courts
  • Arranged crane hire for the day of installation to ensure safe access to the light
  • Removed four power hungry 1000watt metal halides
  • Replaced them with energy efficient 400 watt LEDs
  • Tested the new lights

The results of this commercial electrical job:

  • Immediate cost savings on the client’s next quarterly power bill as LEDs have significantly less wattage and therefore use less power
  • Greater light output on the tennis court
  • Less bulb changeovers required as LEDs last much longer