Security Lighting Solution Design & Install For A Warehouse

Client location: Sumner, QLD, 4074

About the customer & what they require:

This warehouse was the target of repeated night-time vandalism so the owners approached us for advice on a lighting solution that would deter trouble-makers.

What we did:

  • Met our clients on-site to understand what they wanted to achieve and what their budget for the project was.
  • Designed a lighting plan using special daylight-sensor LED security lights for the building’s exterior
  • Sourced the lights
  • Installed the lights
  • Explained their use to our client

The results of the lighting renovation:

  • As soon as the sun starts to set, the warehouse is now illuminated in bright light
  • Limited power costs to run the LEDs due to their very low wattage
  • Peace of mind for the business owners