Lighting & electrical solution for a bathroom

Client location: Westlake QLD 4074

About the customer & what they require:

Long term clients at Westlake were undertaking a major renovation of their existing bathroom and powder room. While the builders they engaged to do the renovation work had their own electricians, our clients requested that we take care of the electrical and lighting component of the renovation as we knew the electrical layout of their home and had a good understanding of the style and functionality they wanted for the project. The builder was happy to work with us on the project as they were aware of our capabilities and reputation in Brisbane.

What we did:

  • Met the builder and client on site to discuss the project and understand the timing of when we would be required at each stage of the renovation
  • Designed a lighting and electrical plan for the bathroom and powder room featuring a combination of downlights, soft runway lighting and pendant lights. An exhaust fan and power points were also placed with functionality and safety factors front of mind.
  • Pre-wired at a time convenient to the builder and client
  • Returned to fit-off at a time convenient to the builder and client
  • Selected pendant lights for the client that would match the tiles, paint and fixtures they had chosen

The results of this commercial electrical job:

  • An incredibly luxe bathroom and powder room with great ambiance created by the gentle uplights and modern pendants
  • Very happy clients